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The iPhone may still be Wozniak's favorite phone, but that doesn't mean he thinks it'll "win" the smartphone wars. Speaking to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, he said that Android phones, with their "more features," will do better. Updated


He's of course referring to Android as a platform, in comparison to the iPhone running one OS across only four handsets. While the iPhone "has very few weak points," and that there "aren't any real complaints and problems," it's the extra features Android phones boast that will secure Google's OS' future.

What's also interesting is the detail that there were preliminary deals with "Japanese manufacturers" to make phones as early as 2004, but obviously they didn't pan out.

Interestingly, it seems he also shares our opinion on Nokia, labeling it as the "brand from a previous generation." Ouch. [De Telegraaf via Nieuwe Mobiel via Engadget]

Update: Engadget followed up with Woz and he cleared things up a bit. "Almost every app," he has, he says, "is better on the iPhone," and he expects Android will eventually turn out to be:

a lot like Windows... I'm not trying to put Android down, but I'm not suggesting it's better than iOS by any stretch of the imagination. But it can get greater marketshare and still be crappy.


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