Steven’s Ship Gets Sunk in a Preview Clip For Tonight’s Steven Universe Future

Little Homeschool.
Little Homeschool.
Image: Cartoon Network

Fans know the joys of shipping, of imagining two character together. The thrill. The romance. The fanfiction. But fans also know the heartbreak of seeing their ship sunk—that moment of canon confirmation that, no, that ship isn’t happening. Time to whip out the fix fics.


In a new clip from Steven Universe Future, Steven himself gets a taste of this disappointment. Often, Rebecca Sugar and crew have used characters in the show to comment on fandom and the experience of loving the characters and experience of Steven Universe itself, and this feels, well, pretty meta to me. A lot of fans ship, but none ship quite so ardently as local busybody, matchmaker, and galaxy savior Steven Universe.

Also notable in this clip is the use of “they/them” pronouns to refer to a new character. That’s super rad! I wish it was not so novel to hear that on television.

Steven Universe Future airs tonight on Cartoon Network.

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Bob Smith II

I thought the show always made it pretty clear Sadie and Lars were bad for each other and only developed as people once they were apart (and Lars was post-alive).