Stoned Hit-Men Keep The World Macabre In New Comic Book Movie

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A supernatural assassin keeping the world safe from things that go bump in the night by bumping them off one by one? It's Criminal Macabre, from the mind behind 30 Days Of Night, and soon to be a movie.

The announcement that Universal has hired Kyle Ward to adapt Steve Niles' drug-abusing paranormal private dick (and, occasionally, ghoul hitman for hire) for the big screen may seem like deja vu to fans of the Dark Horse comic series; the property had previously been optioned by MGM but, as Niles explained to MTV, that didn't work out too well:

[It] just didn't quite take [and] went through a lot. The first instance, everyone was like, 'Clean him up, we can't have a character like this.' And then they realized I'm not trying to do 'Cheech and Chong' here. This is to me, a modern Philip Marlowe. He has all the same problems, but they're modernized because hard drinking just doesn't cut it anymore.


This new version will hopefully avoid that problem; it's being co-produced by Dark Horse owner Mike Richardson as part of the studio's deal with the comic publisher that followed the success of the Hellboy movies.

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