Stop-Motion. Human. Pac-Man.

111 human pixels. Countless colored t-shirt changes. Weeks of planning. That, some homemade bleep bloops, and four long hours in Baden, Switzerland's Trafo cinema will get you one incredible stop-motion game of human Pac-Man.


The video is part of artist Guillaume Reymond's Game Over project—it's the fifth in a series that also includes classics like Tetris, Pole Position, and Pong.

Please tell me Contra's next. Whatever it takes. [NotsoNoisy via The Daily What]


Nothing to See Here!

I'm laughing over how easy it would have been to make. Actually, I'm not laughing at all.

I'm not even gonna explain the masking techniques used on these in post production.

Sorry, I just can't enjoy a video that I know almost exactly how it was made. The one above is also very easy to do, but the song along with quality makes me watch it non-stop.

Sorry if I'm (Unlikely) breaking anyone's heart over the difficulties this looked like they went through, but the simplicity of it all is making me try and 'showoff' when it isn't really showing off....