Straight from AT&T Mobility CEO's Mouth: 3G iPhone Coming in "Months"

Illustration for article titled Straight from ATT Mobility CEOs Mouth: 3G iPhone Coming in Months

Click to viewWe're at an AT&T lunch, and AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega just dropped some meaty bits. He had mentioned earlier in the event that he expected all of their smart integrated devices to be 3G in the next couple months. Sascha Segan from PC Mag asked it that included the iPhone. De la Vega responded, "Let me repeat what I said: I think that you're going to see our integrated devices be 3G devices in the not-too-distant future, and I mean months. That should be clear enough." Cue fanboy 3G fever! [Giz at CTIA 2008]


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@shpanky: That's somewhat ignorant, nobody but Steve controls Apple.

Face-Nose(spite)=Steve Jobs