Struggling Google TV Devices Have Prices Slashed at Retail

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It would appear as though those Google TV devices, which seemingly had such promise, have been unable to overcome poor user experience, huge honking controllers, and a network-imposed lack of content. Google TV, you see, is a flop.


The platform is barely a few weeks old, and already Best Buy and the Sony Style stores have hit it with steep $100 discounts. Not a good sign, of course, but not surprising considering how the networks have blocked pretty much all of their content from playing on the devices.

As TechCrunch notes, the devices high price could also be seen as a deterrent, hence the 25% off fire sales going on at big box chain Best Buy and Sony. However, even with the cut, the cheapest Google TV-enabled device, the Logitech Revue, is still a bit steep at $299. Oh, it's also "half baked" and not ready for consumer consumption either, if you believe the multitude of reviews out there.


Time will tell if the cuts are permanent or part of a Black Friday push. Smart money's on the former but obviously I still hold out hope that the more generic "Internet TV" movement will inevitably gain ground in the near future. [TechCrunch]