Studio Pushing For Plucky Family-Friendly Wolverine?

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Click to viewSounds like there's a power struggle on the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. According to Hollywood Elsewhere, director Gavin Hood (Rendition) and Fox co-chairman and CEO Tom Rothman are in a back and forth about the direction Wolverine should take: uber-gritty darkness, or a tad lighter for the kiddies? Click through for more details on how hard Wolverine's claws will stab. According to Elesewhere's sources, both Hood and Rothman are agitated with each other's creative input. Rothman went as far as to reconstruct an entire set that was deemed too "dark, dingy and somber." The executive then ordered the crew to re-do the whole thing with a brighter feel. Not surprisingly, Hood was none too pleased to discover the changes that were made behind his back. Didn't everyone learn their lesson with Fantastic 4? Part of Wolverine's appeal is that he's not family friendly. He's a dangerous loose cannon that has an incredibly dark past. Especially if you're going to include the Silver Fox story line. I have no idea how you could make her grisly fate palatable in a shiny-happy story line. Family friendly superheroes are hard to come by, and while Peter Parker may pass muster with the PG set, Wolverine isn't the hero you want for that task. [Hollywood Elsewhere]



No nonononononono NO. Wolvie is not family friendly. he had his body cut open and his bones covered in metal. He smokes, he drinks. He has three knives on each hand, they were not put there to roast marshmallows. grrr