Study Finds iPhone Users Genetically Superior to Everyone Else

Well, they may not have gone quite that far, but an independent study conducted by Forrester Research found that iPhone owners are better educated, younger, more affluent, and even more productive than their non-iPhone-using counterparts.

The straight demographics are hard to argue with—on average, iPhone users do tend to be slightly younger, wealthier, and better educated than users of BlackBerrys or Windows Mobile devices. But the "more productive" conclusion is totally erroneous: It's based on the fact that iPhone users are more likely to use the Internet at least once per week, which in our definition is most certainly not a rubric of productivity. I've spent entire weeks on the Internet and all I've produced is the beginnings of a bed sore and maybe an extra five pounds around the waist.

The survey was, obviously, taken before the introduction of the $99 iPhone, and we're all curious to see if the slightly-cheaper option will impact the iPhone's demographics. Ted Schadler, who commissioned the study, promised to revisit it later this year to see if there's been any change. Until then, enjoy your iPhones, Supermen and Superwomen. Just try not to use them while you're flying to work, it's dangerous. [AppleInsider]

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Bs Baldwin

How knew that welfare mom's can't afford a $300 or $400 phone?

What I get from the study is that iphone users are males that just graduated from college and are single. oh and either living with their parents or working in a high commission field (investment banker, real estate agent, salesperson). yes the frat brothers are so much more superior than the rest of us.