Stun Gun Shoe Stops Sleazeballs

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Here's another product for all of our female readers who are tired of tactless men ruining their nights on the town. A concept shoe named the Electric Cinderella Shoe looks like an everyday, attractive looking pair of shoes that no girl would feel embarrassed to wear. There is a catch, however, designed to teach Mr. Wrong a very valuable lesson: don't mess with this señorita. For once our fair lady breaks the shoe's glass toe, a 100,000-volt surge of electricity greets her foil, telling him ever so subtly that she doesn't appreciate his uncouth behavior. Keeping in mind that the Electric Cinderella is only a concept, we should mention that the zap of electricity only works once, afterwards you're on your own. Electric Cinderella isn't available to purchase yet either, but the creator, Simona Brusa Pasque, is currently looking for investors. Any millionaires in the house willing to lend her a hand?

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