Stunning video captures rocket separation in space like never before

Wow. This is truly spectacular. Here’s footage from UP Aerospace, which captured a multistage rocket separating in space like we’ve never seen before. You can see it release and then separate from each other in stunning fashion. We’ve slowed down the stage where the rocket separates and it’s just so cool. Seeing that moment happen in space is unbelievable.

UP Aerospace “successfully executed a mission for NASA to deploy the Maraia Earth Return Capsule. The mission reached an altitude of 75 miles above Spaceport America and landed 30 miles down range on White Sands Missile Range. The missions was UP Aerospace’s 10th SpaceLoft rocket launch and the first deployment mission.”


Note: We slowed down parts of the video using Twixtor.

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Separations in a vacuum always look fake to me. Don’t get me wrong, I believe they are real and this is very cool; there’s just something that my primate brain can’t accept about it.