Nothing makes a fashion accessory more interesting than a backstory, and Shwood's new limited edition line of sunglasses have a fascinating pedigree. They're all made from ash wood salvaged from actual Louisville Slugger baseball bats shattered during games played around the world.


Shwood even goes the extra mile with the sunglasses, accenting them with a two-tone paint job on the arms, and a flame-tempered finish reminiscent of an actual Louisville Slugger. It's no wonder they start at $250 and can run as high as $500 for the 'select' models.

But to soften that expensive blow, the Shwood sunglasses each come in a Louisville Slugger-branded collector's box complete with a displayable half bat, leather travel case, and a soft pouch to help keep them scratch free. They don't come pre-pine tarred though, so if you're worried about them slipping off your face, you'll have to do that yourself. [Shwood via The Awesomer]


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