Submersible rises from the inky depths, runs into a bird 150 feet underwater

While ascending from the all-encompassing ocean murk, the last thing you expect to run into is a feathered friend. That's exactly what happened to the submersible Antipodes, when a crew of students and faculty from California State University, Monterey Bay rose from 300 feet to 150 feet, encountering a deep-diving bird in the process. The video runs long, but the avian passer-by pops up in the first thirty seconds. [Via Not Exactly Rocket Science]


Dr. What?

150 feet is nothing. This video is from 190 feet captured with an ROV operated by the IfAME lab at CSUMB where I used to work. They also one time saw a bird at 100 meters (328 feet). The submersible video is not even a particularly good shot of the bird.

If you are interested in this kind of video, check out their youtube channel, they have over 130 videos.