Submit Your Epic Audio Setups and First Album Stories to the Gizmodo Flickr Pool

Coachella's coming up as Gizmodo's Listening Week is coming to an end. Help us go out with a splash by jumping into our Gizmodo Flickr pool.

We want to make a gallery of all the coolest audio gadgets that you can find. Old, new, shiny, broken, expensive, cheap, colorful, emo—any spectacularly awesome shots of headphones, speakers, listening equipment, or even a microscopic look at your dirty eardrum. Basically, just send us anything audio-related that will make us speechless—which is quite difficult for some of the Gizmodo boys—and we'll post up a gallery of the best ones we get.


We're also hoping to see some photos of insane stage setups at Coachella, and if you've been reading our First Album stories, I'd also like to invite you guys to upload a shot of some album art along with a caption of what it meant to you.

All you have to do is log in to your Flickr account and go here, join our group, and then click "send to group" on your individual photos you want added to our pool.

[Gizmodo Flickr Pool - image from joey joey joey]

Listening Test: It's music tech week at Gizmodo.


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