Summer Shooting Tip: Cheap Splashproofing for Your Camera

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Here's an old trick, updated with a few helpful and timely tips from our kissing cousins at Lifehacker. They point us to a photo tutorial at Instructables, showing you how to splashproof that camera if you're going to the beach, doing some waterskiing photography or shooting waterfalls this summer. You can easily and cheaply protect that valuable shooter from dust, water, salt spray or grime with a Ziploc bag, completely covering your camera and sealing it in with a lens filter.

Extra suggestions from helpful Lifehacker readers include inserting a silica gel sachet inside the bag to soak up any moisture (you know, those little packets with "do not eat" printed on the outside), and using Ziploc Easy Zipper Storage & Freezer Bags which are easier to keep sealed than those original Ziploc bags.


MacGyver Tip: Ziploc your digicam [Lifehacker]


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