Sun Boxes, For the Post-Apocalyptic Audiophile

Once we run out of fossil fuels and our society devolves into a violent, resource-hoarding dystopia, the audiophiles of the world are going to have to get creative with their set-ups. This looks about right.

The Sun Boxes are a collection of independently-operating, solar powered speakers created by designer Craig Colorusso. Each speaker is loaded with a unique guitar sample, so the music produced is constantly evolving and interacting with the space surrounding it.

The boxes, which will be installed in Nevada officially on Monday, are intended to make their audience aware of the natural cycles of the day. That'll do for now—and when the shit hits the fan they'll be useful for reminding you of the new cycles of the day: hide when it's sunny; loot when it's not; repeat! [Important Records via Inhabitat]


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