Sunwayman V11R Flashlight Review: Does It Down to the Lumen

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A flashlight with 500 lumens is great for flagging down a search-and-rescue squad when you're lost in the woods. But when you're looking for a lost shoe as you sneak out of a hookup's house at 1:45 am, it's overkill. Luckily, the Sunwayman V11R handles both situations with ease—assuming you've already found your pants.


What Is It?

A compact, variable-intensity flashlight that fits in your fifth pocket.

Who's it For?

Hikers, campers, nighttime drivers—anyone in the dark.


A 50,000-hour Cree XM-L U2 LED wrapped in an anodized aluminum alloy. The V11R is waterproof and rugged enough to withstand a pocket full of loose change.

Using It

An "Infinite Variable Output Switch" adjusts the beam intensity from 1 to 190 lumens. Install a Li-ion rechargeable CR123A, and it can briefly pump out a whopping 500 lumens.

The Best Part

The V11R is bright enough to replace a C-cell-sucking Maglite four times its size.


Tragic Flaw

The 500-lumen Turbo mode puts out enough heat in five minutes to start a game of Hot Potato.


This Is Weird...

Standing on its end, V11R can double as a candle.

Test Notes

  • Includes lanyard and removable belt clip.
  • It can take a standard AA (as opposed to the CR123A) if you use an included adapter.
  • Its 130 meter maximum range and broad beam spread make the V11R more useful as a short-range flood than a focused long-distance spotlight.

Should You Buy It?

Yes. It's a great flashlight. The SOG Dark Energy 214 is fine as well, but the Sunwayman is better—this is brighter, with a higher output, and no rough finishes. But the most important difference is the Sunwayman's adjustable light output. The SOG model just had full power, 40% and strobe—this one is fully variable from a dim few lumens to that turbo-blast 500-lumen setting. The small stature and versatile, high-intensity output make the V11R ideal for both everyday use and as an emergency backup.


Sunwayman V11R Flashlight Specs

• Dimensions: 84mm L x 23mm D
• Bulb: Cree XM-L U2 LED
• Battery Type: AA (with adapter), CR123A, or rechargeable Li-ion CR123A
• Duration: 35 Hours at 1 lumen, 1.5 Hours at 190 lumen, 25 Minutes at 500 lumen (in 5 minute bursts)
• Effective Range: 130 meters
• Weight: 49g
• Price: $95 but available from Battery Junction for $88
• Gizrank: 4 Stars



Just me, but a flashlight should be 4.5+ stars for $88. I can see the point of expensive flashlights in that "It absolutely must work" category (i.e. if you're a Navy SEAL), so sure, that 5.0 might be reserved for such lights. But to 98% of the population, a $20-30 flashlight is probably overkill.

Besides, I say this has to lose a point vs. a 4-D cell Maglight, I mean, it doesn't look like you could beat anyone over the head to any effect with this one.