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Super Mario Galaxy Coming to a DS Near You?

OK, hear us out. We know this video is a few days old, but we just spotted it, and we think it is remarkably well done. The video shows a potential Super Mario Galaxy for the DS, and although we are inclined to believe it's a fake, Camp Gizmodo is a little divided. Check the video out and then jump to see what we made of it.

The debate raged on behind the scenes, here's what the weekend team made of it:

Mark: Bullshit!... Later Luigi stuff doesn't look fake... you know what it could be, streaming from the Wii.
Jesus: Looks totally real to me... I can't imagine anyone recreating that in low poly count.
Haroon: Hey guys, are you into elf fetishes?
Eric the Intern: I think it's fake... the DS can't render something that nice looking.


There you go, the opinions are divided. Let us know what you make of it—is it real, fake or are you into elf fetishes? Who knows? Drop your comments below. [Youtube via New Launches]

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@Mr. Fluffykins: I guess if DS Fan Boy says it's a fake, it's gotta be. That linked article only says that it's a fake. Nothing to back that up. No link to the creator's site. No explanation. Not even a name of who made it. The only think they link is a link to a terribly amateurish fan-made video of Zelda. Nothing of the caliber of this video.

If this is a fake, this is definitely the best fan-made video I have ever seen. Not only would they have had to downgrade the poly count, they would've had to downgrade the music and textures. Then, they allegedly animated those sequences with perceptually 100% fidelity.

Fake? I don't think so until I see some proof. This is way too well done AND polished to be just a common fan-made video.