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Super Nintendo World Opens Next Year in Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood has announced the opening info for its highly anticipated expansion.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A mock up of Super Nintendo World, full of colorful characters and excited children.
A screenshot from the Japanese website for Super Nintendo World. The U.S. one opens next year.
Screenshot: Universal Japan

Unless you regularly follow theme park news, there’s a chance you may not realize that right now, at this very moment, a Nintendo-themed park exists. That’s partially because it’s part of Universal Studios Japan and international travel hasn’t exactly been easy for most of us in the past few years. But next year, fans who want to “a-go” to a world of Nintendo can do so right here in the United States.

Universal Studios Hollywood today announced that its very own Super Nintendo World expansion will be opening in 2023. When in 2023? Well, the company isn’t saying just yet. But that the park is ready to commit to a year is the first step in showing that progress is nearing its conclusion.


There’s no official word on what specifically is going to be in the land, but it’s rumored that it will, in large part, be similar to what can currently be found in Japan. That includes a high-speed Mario Kart ride, tamer Yoshi ride, and full theming to make you feel like you’re in a game of Super Mario Bros. You can visit the official Japanese site, which has a version in English, at this link to see a ton of new images.


But fans who are visiting Universal Studios Hollywood before the opening won’t leave without a little Nintendo in their lives. In addition to views of construction from multiple angles across the park, the Feature Presentation retail shop inside the park will start stocking a ton of Nintendo merchandise soon. Again, no specific word on a date, but it’ll be much sooner than the park itself will be open.


Having visited multiple franchise-themed theme park expansions over the past few years —including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Avatar: The World of Pandora, and Avengers CampusI think only Galaxy’s Edge beats this in terms of excitement. I’ve been playing Nintendo games for as long as I can remember. And now, finally, I’ll get to step inside of one. It’s just a year away.

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