Super Safe Cooktop Automatically Turns Off When Left On

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With safe operation features, Thermador's line of all-induction cooktops can detect changes in surface temperature and will automatically shut off for spills or prolonged use. Along with a cool-to-the-touch surface, quicker heat up times, and much easier cleaning, this cooktop is making us despise our current gas burners.


The cooktop is available in either black or a silver mirrored finish with sizes ranging from 15-inch to 36-inch. The 30-inch black model is available now starting at $2029. [Thermador via Popular Science]


Kind of funny that my DIVA 36" 5 burner Induction cooktop will arrive tomorrow at my doorstep. After researching I found that the DIVA at the time of purchasing or making the decision was the best way to go. Anyway, it will be another couple of weeks before the kitchen is ready to install it but I cannot wait to play with it. Just imagine people's faces when they see me take a pan of boiling water off the burner and then place my hand on that same burner.

They say that Induction cooktops are 90%+ efficient while gas is only 45% and electric is something like 60%. They create no heat except what inside the pans. One drawback is the pots and pans must have a magnetic bottom. Brands like All-Clads, or anything made with cast iron will work.