There are two ways to avoid having to keep tying and untying your shoes whenever you go out: You can switch to the garish monstrosity that is velcro and just put up with that wretched tearing noise, or you can keep a shoe horn on hand to make it easy to slip in and out of laced-up sneaks. And the latter option is made even more appealing with these adorable Shoeperhero shoe horns from Duncan Shotton.


They appear to be perpetually blasting towards the heavens, leaving a cloud of dust behind that conveniently doubles as a stand. Instead of battling evil and stopping baddies, these superheroes are dedicated to stopping just one thing: the heels of your laced shoes from getting crushed as you slip them on and off. And for $26, who could really ask more from them than that? [Duncan Shotton via designboom]

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