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ChatGPT Created a Puzzle for Sudoku Lovers Called 'Sumplete'

The OpenAI chatbot created the game after a human asked it to recommend games similar to Sudoku that didn't exist yet.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT has apparently invented a new game called Sumplete that has the potential to dethrone Wordle. The artificial intelligence model did receive some human help to develop its game from a human user, Daniel Tait, who guided the chatbot and created a website for the game so anyone can play.

Sumplete is similar to Sudoku, although its rules are different. Players are given grids with numbers that vary in difficulty. The basic one for beginners has three rows and three columns, increasing in difficult to 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and so on. The most advanced grids are 9x9 and are really hard to solve.


Here’s how it works: Every cell in the grid has a number, and the end of every row and column have numbers, as well. To win the game, you must delete numbers in each cell so that the sum of the remaining numbers adds up to the target number besides each row and column.

There’s a trick, of course. When you delete a number in row, it also disappears from the column it crosses. The 3x3 version is so simple that it ends up being a bit disappointing. However, if you’re in for a challenge, increase the number of cells in the grid. It gets complicated and addictive really fast.


Daniel Tait and ChatGPT’s creation began by chance when the programmer asked the popular AI chatbot for some recommendations of games similar to Sudoku. Tait went on to ask ChatGPT if it was capable of designing a logic game similar to Sudoku but that didn’t already exist. After several attempts, ChatGPT came up with the idea of Sumplete and created a playable version of the game in 30 seconds with HTML and Javascript. ChatGPT even came up with the name of the game.

Tait spent the next few hours polishing the game and integrating it into website for the public. You can check out the prompts Tait gave ChatGPT to create Sumplete in the game’s “About” section and play Sumplete here.

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