Support the iPhone Dev Team to Get the True Free iPhone Software Unlock

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Click to view[UPDATED 11:30AM EST: There was an error in the PayPal donation address. Check the correct address and new info after the jump.] Today was the fourth time someone has claimed a 100% unlocking method for the iPhone. All four methods work great, but there's a problem with all of them: they cost money. We don't know how much the software methods will cost exactly, but we know one thing for sure: there is going to be a free alternative. If you want to get it soon, keep reading.


To summarize, there are now four methods to 100% unlock the iPhone:

The Forged SIM Method

Description: 100% unlocks the iPhone by forging a new SIM card. It only works if you have a V1-type SIM card in your current phone. Full functionality. Doesn't void the warranty.

Released: MON AUG 6 2007

Cost: $96 + shipping.


The Turbo SIM Method

Description: 100% unlocks the iPhone with a small card called TurboSIM. Works with any SIM card and carrier. Full functionality. Doesn't void the warranty.

Released: TUE AUG 14 2007

Cost: $80 including FedEx shipping - currently unavailable from Bladox, available from other providers.


The hardware soldering method

Description: 100% unlocks the iPhone by opening and soldering some parts. Works with any SIM card and carrier. Full functionality. Voids the warranty.

Released: TUE AUG 21 2007

Cost: Whatever cost you value your time at, plus the possibility of a broken iPhone and a voided warranty.


The commercial software method

Description: 100% unlocks the iPhone with a software program. Works with any SIM card and carrier. Full functionality. Doesn't void the warranty.

Released: FRI AUG 24 2007



Personally, my iPhone has been 100% unlocked for a week now thanks to the TurboSIM method—and it works great. The method was simple and painless.

But my question is: why pay anyone else while all these methods have been possible thanks to the hard work of the iPhone Dev Team.


• They were the ones who hacked the file system

• They reverse engineered the baseband chip.

• They developed the tools that have make the hacks and other applications possible.

• They extracted the key, the full content of the radio memory, bringing the possibility of the software unlock you are saw announced today.


Despite all those methods, the iPhone Dev Team have continued to work to bring new stuff every day, making possible things like the NES emulator, MAME and many other cool software and necessary utilities to keep expanding the platform.


We think this is amazing. And that's why we think we should support them in any way we can, by donating money or time. That's the only way we are going to keep advancing iPhone software development to the point of perfection and, more importantly, the only way to set the iPhone free.

For real and for everyone. No commercial interests involved.

And while my iPhone has been 100%-unlocked using the Vodafone network for a week now, all I can say is fuck it, I'm donating. I can tell you that many of us here at the Giz will be doing the same.


To donate money: use PayPal and send any amount you want to: (yes, it's, not

IMPORTANT: as the subject of the transfer, don't mention the word "hack" or "hacking" as PayPal is very sensitive about these things. Use iPhone Development Team Donation as the subject so it can be clearly identified

Short FAQ

Q: Will the stuff you find out be freely available on the forum and the wiki?

A: Simply, yes.

Q: Why do you think you can do this?

A: Simply remember the AppleTV. Many good hacks, including running OSX on your aTV came from here.

Q: Isn't that illegal?

A: No, we don't live within the US, there are a lot free countries that allow you to break or modify stuff on your own.

Q: Were can we talk on the iPhone hacking?

A: join #iphone at

Q: Where is the money going?

A: Not much left, hosting is paid, and other stuff around the project, most of the time we run minus.


To donate time: if you have plenty of programming talent, join the effort in their IRC Channel or in the Hackint0sh forums.