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Supreme Edition Darth Vader Costume From Original Molds Really Wheezes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Supreme Edition Darth Vader Costume is the full package: you get a jumpsuit complete with fake leather pants and sleeves (though the codpiece is real leather), Darth's signature cape, and all of his armor cast from the original Lucasfilm molds. Our favorite part: the suit has a custom apparatus to mimic Darth's breathing. It can be toggled off if you want (but why would you?) And on top of that, it will only cost you $850 and comes with a cool freebie.


A free FX Lightsaber, according to the site. It looks like you'll get your money's worth, as the outfit is fashioned with cast iron, injection-molded pieces, ebony twill, real and faux leather, and even LEDs. Both standard and extra large sizes are available. This is really about as close as it gets to really being Vader. The only thing that's missing is a built-in stereo playing the Imperial March. [CB Swords via Luxury Launches]