Surefire Kroma Palm-Sized Tactical LED Flashlight

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Here's a new flashlight from surefire, makers of flashlights for cops, Navy SEALs and other guys that need to kick ass in dark places. The LED lightsource can go from a low intensity to high, the brighter mode giving the palm sized flashlight 50-lumens. That's more than double the oomph of a twin D-cell battery. And enough to "temporarily blind an assailant." There's even a red and blue LED mode built in, the red one good for reading maps without mussing up your night vision. It's mil-spec, from its type III hard anodized aluminum grade body, to its pyrex lens. The non rechargable lithium ions give you 1.5 hours of run time on that bright mode, 8 hours on the dimmer mode. Just $300 bucks to play Navy SEAL in the woods at night.

Surefire Kroma K2-BK-BL/RD LED Flashlight [surefire]