Surf Chair Can't Be Any Worse For Your Back

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At this very moment, I'm surely doing permanent damage to my spine by typing away on my laptop while slouching upon my particularly broken-in couch. If only I had this Surf Chair, my future trips to the supermarket and social gatherings wouldn't be inhibited by the necessity of walking on all four appendages. Seemingly ergonomic, tiny pillows support various points of your body for a sci-fi recliner effect while you browse away for hours on end. But who am I kidding? I'm not leaving the house today. Or tomorrow if I can help it. [coroflot via Techfresh]



@shamoononon: Absolutely, I am not saying that you should not sit in a good position. There are definitely "bad" positions that put a lot of pressure and or strain on joints, and nerves. My point was that no position, no matter how "ergonomic" will result in damage if you stay in that position too long, or worst of all repeat the same movement in the same position all day long.

I tried the gel rests, but I found that they compressed my ulnar tunnel more efficiently than before. Not a big fan. I had bad problems too, but 'fixed" it by taking frequent breaks (I work on my own - so screw you midget tyrant boss) so I can get a way with that. Stretching exercises really help too!

You definitely want to avoid the "test" where they put an coil around your fingers, and then insert needles in your neck and then run current through it. ouch!