Cool visualization shows liquid water on Earth vs Jupiter's moon Europa

I knew that NASA wants to send a submarine to explore the oceans of Jupiter's moon Europa, but I never realized that Europa has more liquid water than Earth even while it's roughly the size of our Moon. This graphic shows the shocking difference clearly, but there's more.


According to the Planet Habitability Laboratory from the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo, Titan has even more water than both Europa and Earth combined.

Bonus: These are the eirenespheres of Earth, Mars, Titan, Europa, Venus, and Enceladus.


Eirenesphere is "the region in a planetary body with the right physical environment state to support microbial life as constrained from temperature and pressure alone. Therefore, it does not consider all the requirements for life, such as the availability of water, but represent the maximum volume at planetary scales available for potential habitats."

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