Surrogates Producers Create Superhero Classwar

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Fresh from the release of Surrogates last weekend, Mandeville Films is staying with science fiction comics for its latest project, a movie version of the critically-acclaimed British political superhero thriller Cla$$war.


Rumored to be in the works before its official announcement yesterday at this weekend's Long Beach Comic-Con, Benjamin Shahrabani of publisher Com.X confirmed the news with a release stating that the comic

...has recently been tapped for development as a major motion picture by Mandeville Films, the production company behind the recent Touchstone Pictures release of the Jonathan Mostow directed, comic book based action thriller Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis, and the upcoming Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg starrer, true life boxing drama The Fighter, from Paramount Pictures... Discussions regarding the adaptation [are] underway with a soon to be announced screenwriter.

Cla$$war was launched in 2002, the creation of writer Rob Williams, who described it as the result of reading Noam Chomsky, Bill Hicks and Alan Moore; the series tells of a secret American program to create superpowered soldiers and the products of that program, a superteam called Enola Gay and a rogue soldier known only as The American.



so a super soldier named the american and a super group named after the plane that delievered the atomic bomb to japan. yeah this doesn't seem at all original to me.... kind of like surrogates.