If you have $30,000 lying around, why not get yourself a roomful of Swans 2.3HT speakers, a 5.1 home theater system with each speaker capable of handling 1500 watts? Check out those huge towers, each one packing 64 isodynamic ribbon tweeters, the heart of the sound that manufacturer HiVi says "takes you gently away to paradise." That'd better be some pretty special music.

This 640-pound system has two speakers up front, a center channel speaker, two surround speakers, and two subwoofers, totaling 165 drivers in all. Their designers have taken outlandish pains to use only the most unusual materials and precise workmanship to bring this kind of heavenly sound to you. We have no doubt these are probably some of the finest-sounding speakers on the planet. Too bad the copywriters for its website don't know how to use the word "its" in a sentence. [HiVi, via Audio Junkies]