Swapping TVs for iPads Makes Planes 7 Percent Lighter

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What would happen if you ripped out all the TVs and associated wiring from a plane, and gave everyone an iPad instead? Well, we just found out: the plane becomes 7 percent lighter, and saves an awful lot of fuel as a result.

A new budget airline, called Scoot, launched yesterday. It's taken its planes from its parent company Singapore Airlines—but decided to change the way it serves up entertainment, reports Bloomberg. That's seen them remove the entire aircraft entertainment system from each of its airplanes—which in total weighed more than two tons per craft.


Instead, budget flyers will be charged $17 a trip to rent an iPad, which is pre-loaded with movies, music, games and television shows. All told, the overall weight saving is 7 percent, which will make a massive difference to fuel efficiency. In fact, why doesn't every airline do it? [Bloomberg]