Swarm's Bike Seat Clamps Hide Hidden, Refreshing Post-Ride Tool

Illustration for article titled Swarms Bike Seat Clamps Hide Hidden, Refreshing Post-Ride Tool

As a cyclist and a drinker of fine craft beers I can't see much fault with these bottle-opening bike seat clamps. If they make it out of Kickstarter and you procure one, please enjoy responsibly.


Asking price for Kickstarter funders is $20 for the bare-bones clamp and $30 for the quick-release (saves $5 each, respectively). Both boast a bottle opener and a variety of colors and this second time around the project is on track and about 70% funded (an older, less savvy version didn't make it through the first round).

Remember, responsibly! I don't want any of you fiddling with these things in an inebriated state to the point where you're in the ER telling the doc about your "one in a million" Seinfeld nether region accident. [Swarm via Boing Boing]

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I don't understand why anyone would need this, if there is going to be pubic consumption, we usually just buy cans and worse case scenario you should know how to pop open a top with a one dollar lighter or pretty much anything you can find on the ground by now by now.

Another waste of money novelty.