Sweet Songs of Zeus! Geek Anthems Sung By Tesla Coils

Zaps from tesla coils sound like old school synthesizers, so they're the perfect instrument of delivery for 8-bit video game and geek anthems. Plus, lightning.

ArcAttack brings sexy technology back when he plays the Zelda Theme Song remixed with Justin Timberlake at Dragon*Con 2008. [ArcAttack via Vimeo via BoingBoingGadgets]

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! [myself248]

Probably one of the most recognized theme songs in the world—and a song that has probably been played on every single instrument imaginable—it would be a sin not to include a clip of Nintendo's Mario Bros being played on singing Tesla coils too. [megavoltmeister]

Watch as Patrick from ArcAttack dresses up in a suit of chain metal and conducts the Imperial March from a Tesla coil. [darkdream11]

Although it may be smaller than the others, this Soild State Tesla Coil playing the Tetris theme song doesn't fail to impress. [TeslaCommander]

Where in the universe is Dr. Who going to show up next? Probably at Chattacon 09 to watch ArcAttack play his theme song on a pair of Tesla coils. [joedog158]

It would be a fatality if you didn't think listening to the Mortal Kombat theme song through musical Tesla coils is cool. FINISH HIM! [moonstar5]

Inspect her gadget? No, Inspector Gadget—on an audio-modded mini tesla coil, that is. [Norwegenkai]


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Hmm... tesla coil near room heater... smart.