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OK. This isn't a gadget but this is so important that it has to go up. I can't believe we missed this. Anyway, it appears that eating sweets in Japan is not masculine. The solution? A "candy suppository?" A hot caramel injection straight into the spine? Nope—candy shaped like fast food.

It appears that men do not like to be seen eating elaborate cakes in public, so a confectioner set up what looks like a typical fast food outlet to sell what look like hamburgers and fries, but that are in fact cake.


Elaborate cakes in public? Japan, please: we can't help you if you don't help yourself. With your psychosexual comic books and strange, wandering RPGs filled with be-wedgied ladies, you're heading down a long, hard road full of furtive masturbation and bulimia. If anyone in Japan can explain this to us, we'd much appreciate it.

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