Swiss Army's New Knife Is Literally Hard as Nails

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Victorinox's Remade In Switzerland range of products uses actual old Swiss army artefacts, upcycled to become brand new pieces. Like this Swiss army knife, which has been made from old horseshoe nails. You can literally be hard as nails now.


Only 100 of the knives have been made, and while the pricing hasn't been confirmed by Victorinox or designer Christopher Raeburn, expect them to cost somewhere in the vicinity of a pack of nails and a horse. [Remade In Switzerland via Swiss Miss via Core77 via D-Build]


Broken Machine

I love my SAK, but that is a basic tool at a basic price. Honestly the Victorinox SAK should not ever be at premium price, their scissors are worthless - The springs break often enough to buy them in bags of 5 or 10 and the blades will jam up often when used under force. No reason for a knife without a locking blade anymore as well. Plus, I wouldn't give up the butane lighter on mine, and I'm not a smoker.