Swype is Developing an App for iPhone, But Will Apple Allow It?

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It's not just Android that Swype, the company which pioneered an ultra-fast texting method, has its eyes on—they're apparently developing an iPhone version, which they're hoping Apple will have no objections to.


Considering it's in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest way to text message, Apple shouldn't have any problems with OK-ing it for the App Store. Unless they see it as being competitive to their own virtual keyboard.


Swype's CEO Mike McSherry said to Reuters that it "remains to be seen" as to whether they'll be able to launch the app or not. I don't think I've heard a single bad word said about Swype, so maybe Apple should consider buying the company—and then license the software out to HTC, Motorola, Samsung et al. [Reuters]

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It seems like they would try to talk to Apple and either have it confirmed that their app will be allowed, or try to work with them, to have the software built in to a later ios4 update.

I just don't see, spending the time to build an app, not knowing if Apple will approve or not. That is, for someone who could potentially call Apple up and talk to them. Not much you could do if you are just an individual developer.