Symbian OS's ScreenPlay and FreeWay Enhances UI and Speeds Downloads

In addition to the touchscreen UI we saw in Symbian last week, two new features—ScreenPlay and FreeWay—are coming to add even more sophistication to the platform. ScreenPlay is their new graphics engine that allows transparency and animations without taking up too much more battery life. FreeWay is less visible, but it's a new IP networking stack/architecture on 3G networks/WiMax to allow faster audio/video streaming and VoIP calling. Check out the touch video above again just for a refresher.


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I'm surprised how many people are missing the point here. This is about S60 - not about a particular device. S60 is the UI that Nokia runs on top of Symbian OS and the S60 UI will be on tons of devices of all kinds of form factors (some looking like iPhone, others not). In fact S60 isn't technically even Nokia-specific as there has been other manufacturers that have used it too. Take a look at how many different devices have come out using S60 so far. There's all kinds of form factors: sliders, BlackBerry -style devices, there's the E90 with basically a "mini laptop"-like form factor, there's candybars, there's clamshells. You can expect the same kind of diversity with the S60 touch UI as well.