T-Mobile CEO John Legere Goes on Curse-Filled Hate Rant Against Electronic Frontier Foundation

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“Who the fuck are you anyways, EFF?” Guitar-rockin’ telecom BAD BOY John Legere is lashing out against the Electronic Frontier Foundation following an EFF investigation claimed that T-Mobile’s new Binge On program throttles data.

My guess is Legere is hoping his whole rebel-with-an-unlimited-roaming-clause schtick will distract T-Mobile users from the fact that a well-respected, consumer-defending organization conducted an investigation that showed that T-Mobile customers who use its Binge On program have all their video download speeds artificially slowed—which fits the definition of data throttling, no matter how many times Legere insists it absolutely isn’t data throttling.

Every night John Legere stares at himself in the mirror for 15 minutes whispering “I’m not a regular telecom CEO I’m a cool telecom CEO” before going to bed.



Image by AP