Illustration for article titled T-Mobile G1 Connects to iPod Dock, Thumbs Nose at Apple

One of the G1's biggest oversights is the lack of a proper headphone jack, and a couple of enterprising tinkerers took it upon themselves to force the G1 to play nice with an iPod dock.


The hack is outlined very precisely but looks pretty delicate, so if you've got clumsy fingers like me, this might not be for you. They tore apart one of HTC's ExtUSB adapter for the G1, and soldered its remains to the iPod dock's female connector. It took a little bit of screwing around, but they managed to get the G1 not only to play audio through the dock, but also charge at the same time. It may not be the prettiest of hacks, but we're sure Google would appreciate the openness of the inter-platform love. [WebNetta via MAKE]

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