T-Mobile Is Very Confused About Their New Pricing Plans Plan

A bit of news made the rounds yesterday, announcing two new unlimited plans from T-Mobile: The Even More Unlimited plan for $80/month (contract) and the Even More Plus Unlimited plan for $60/month (no contract). Then the official press release came out today making no mention of the Even More Plus plan.


Now, Tmo News has posted an internal document which basically says the Even More Plus plan was killed off at the last minute and employees should adjust accordingly.

Ultimately, this makes sense, because the pricing discrepancy seemed flawed. If you signed up for the Even More plan and a two year contract, you'd pay an extra $480 dollars over the course of two years. Factoring in whatever you might pay for a subsidized phone, there would have been no advantage to going on contract. You could pretty much just buy a smartphone at an unsubsidized price and maintain the option of terminating your contract at any time. [Tmo News


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