T-Mobile myTouch Is T-Mobile's First Android Phone With Video Chat

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The newest myTouch iteration goes balls out with video: Video chat over Wi-Fi and T-Mobile's HSPA+ network with a front-facing camera and 720p video recording with the rear camera—shared wirelessly with any DLNA-compatible screen.

Like the previous myTouch(es), it's built by HTC with custom T-Mobile software running on top of Android 2.2. (Points for built-in Swype.) A little more powerful than the last few T-Mobile/HTC collabs, it's using a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Also, T-Mobile's pushing this as their second major phone to run on HSPA+, their "4G speed" network that is not technically using 4G technology.


It's kind of the closest thing T-Mobile's got to anything like the Evo, but the screen's 3.8 inches, not a more monstrous 4.3. Coming out "in time for the holidays," it's probably the second best Android phone on T-Mobile, after the G2, which has a keyboard and an unmolested build of Android 2.2. [T-Mobile]

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That has to be one of the ugliest phones I've seen HTC put out. Worse than some of the feature phones out there, in my opinion.