T-Mobile Now Buying Your Old and Busted Phones Back (Updated)

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So you want to suckle at the electric teet of Four Geez, but you're broke. This is a problem! But if you're a T-Mo subscriber, you can now trade in that gross old flip thing for something a little newer.

The value of your craptacular phone will be determined by someone at the T-Mobile store (so who knows what you're going to get in return), but if you're planning on upgrading anyway, trading in your current dinosaur might slightly take the sting off of a new purchase. The value of your old phone is returned to you via mail in rebate, which is a drag, but it beats just throwing it down a storm drain, like I usually do. [T-Mobile]

Update: T-Mobile hit us up to say the trade in program is open to anyone, not just their own customers.