T-Mobile Owns Magenta

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Not that it matters to most of us shopping for our next phone, but not only does T-Mobile love whoring magenta in all of their self-promotion—they actually have a trademark for the color's use. As far as our tiny brains understand the legality, if you are promoting anything within the telecom sector through either print or online media using magenta, T-Mobile could strike you down with the hammer of justice (incidentally, in most cases the hammer could legally be painted magenta by other parties than T-Mobile). The moral? If you love using magenta and don't work for T-Mobile, consider working construction. Don't believe us? Read this:

Illustration for article titled T-Mobile Owns Magenta

Hit the ColourLovers for more of the paper trail. [colourlovers via theinquirer]


@92BuickLeSabre: I will thank you to never say "finger licking @ss" ever again.