T-Mobile Pushing Android 1.6 Donut Update Right Now

Alas, not for everyone: Having sent the update to Ion developer phones just a few days ago, T-Mobile is commencing a gradual rollout that should finish up in the next few days. Here's what you'll get, with this Donut:

• Universal-ish search with an updated "Quick Search" box

• Much fast camera performance, with a refreshed interface, and easier switching between video/still modes

• Support for VPNs, corporate or otherwise

• A battery monitoring center that lets you see what apps are sucking inordinate amounts of power, and also lets you kill them.


• Multiple resolution support, for all the wild'n'crazy Android devices coming down the pike

• A new Market UI, with app screenshots

• Text-to-speech for any app that wants it, built into the main search widget by default

• A gesture framework for developers

• CDMA support, because, you know, Hero.

Let us know when your updates hit in the comments; reports are thin for now, but I have a feeling the floodgates are about to open. [CNET]


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You know I've tripped a lot of circuits, oh lord I've maxed a lot of capacitors; but I never touched nothing that my logic board could kill.

you know I've seen a lot of machine intelligences ambulating around with BSODs in their eyes, but the pusherbot don't care if you simulate life or if your main-board fries.