T-Mobile Stages Random Aerial Marketing Assault on San Francisco

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I have no feezing clue what staging a massive airshow in San Francisco has to do with the myTouch 3G or how T-Mobile expected people to connect the two — oh wait, because now I'm writing about it!

I'm also sure the giant party they threw in the Embarcadero, complete with T-Mobile and myTouch branding, helped to justify that $18,000 pricetag as well. Anyways, the SF Chronicle says T-Mobile dropped 100 little men out of the sky in four different locations across the city, and one of them was ELVIS and another had a DSLR attached to his HEAD. CRAZY!!!


Then they wrote some fancy stuff in the sky using smoke, and everyone ogled for a second, then ran to the nearest T-Mobile location to buy a myTouch 3G for each member of their family (CHARLES BARKLEY! MYFAVES!). Well done, Catherine Zeta-Jones. [SF Gate]