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T-Mobile's HTC Magic Shall Be Known Henceforth In U.S. As 'MyTouch'

Illustration for article titled T-Mobiles HTC Magic Shall Be Known Henceforth In U.S. As MyTouch

Someone more adept at navigating the T-Mobile inventory screens than I am has discovered that the carrier's version of the Android-packing HTC Magic might have a more official U.S. name in "MyTouch." Hrmm.


Now, to be frank (you can be Shirley), thinking about the name doesn't exactly make me want to MyTouch myself, but it isn't the worst cellphone naming convention in the world, right? (that would probably be "shitstick" or something)

Unfortunately, the name is all the inventory screen provides. Aside from some interesting color choices in Merlot and white, there are no release dates. If a device is listed in inventory, however, you can bet a U.S. release day isn't too far behind. Anyone want to weigh in on that name? Politely? [TMO News - Thanks, David]

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this is a horrible name, they've should've just named it g2