Tag Heuer's Squadra Night Vision Glasses Are For Alpha Eyeballs Only

Illustration for article titled Tag Heuers Squadra Night Vision Glasses Are For Alpha Eyeballs Only

Tag Heuer, best known for their fancy, manly watches, also makes fancy, manly eyewear, and the Squadra night vision glasses are their newest pair. They have titanium arms, high-contrast lenses, and make all the other spectacles nearby feel kinda wimpy.

Just look at the Tag Heuer eyewear site. That Flash intro is like a James Bond movie. And the Squadra glasses sound like James Bond glasses, too, with -0.25 diopter ophthalmic lenses and oleophobic, anti-reflective treatment.

Basically that just means they make it easier for your eyeballs to see at night, which is especially useful for international super spies and Le Mans-winning racecar drivers (this year's champs wore the Squadra specs), but still at least sort of useful for regular people like you and me, too. If you want to give your eyes the ego boost, the Squadra are available in two shapes for $450. [Tag Heuer via Luxist]

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