After SoyuzĀ Failure, Space Is Now Weirdly Inaccessible to Astronauts

All crewed launches have been suspended by Russiaā€™s space agency following yesterdayā€™s Soyuz rocket failure. Thatā€™s a problem, because much of the world relies on Russian rockets to get both cargo and people into space. Consequently, weā€™re now facing the very real possibility of having an uncrewed International Spaceā€¦

NASA's Administrator Is Talking to Private Companies About Commercial Takeover of the ISS

You may have heard about the White Houseā€™s plans to privatize the International Space Station and turn low-Earth orbit into a place of business that NASA can become a customer of, rather than its sponsor. Now, according to an interview with the Washington Post, NASAā€™s recently confirmed Jim Bridenstine has begunā€¦

Japanese Astronaut Concerned After Growing 3.5 Inches Taller in Three Weeks [Update: He Was Wrong]

Update: January 10, 8:20 am EDT: According to new reports, Kanai either fabricated this story, ā€œmis-measuredā€ himself, or it was all a joke that didnā€™t translate well to English. In a tweet posted earlier today, the Japanese astronaut apologized, claiming he had measured his height after the ISS captain questioned theā€¦