Gotham City Spends a Preposterous Amount of Money Cleaning up Batman's Messes

Sean Murphy’s Batman: White Knight is a slow burn of a comic that favors scene setting and world building over huge narrative payoffs from issue to issue. While this week’s issue doesn’t push the series’ plot forward terribly far, it does reveal an interesting tidbit about Gotham’s finances, and a brand-new Joker.

The Batman Who Laughs Is One of DC's Most Gruesome and Shocking Stories About the Dark Knight

Though they’re all part of one event, the various pieces of DC’s Dark Nights: Metal have been uneven in their execution. But as schizophrenic as Metal has felt at times, The Batman Who Laughs, written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Riley Rossmo, gets at the heart of what makes the event truly compelling.

In Batman: White Knight, the Joker's Plan to Save Gotham Begins With a Modest Proposal to Harley

Though Batman: White Knight is technically an Elseworlds story about a rehabilitated Joker seeking to convince Gotham that Batman is the true source of its problems, it’s also a love story. The Joker’s had many a great loves in his life: comedy, crime, Batman himself. But he’s never hurt a loved one as much as he’s …

The Joker Figure of a Thousand Faces, And More of the Most Wonderful Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's weekly round up of the coolest toys and merchandise floating around the internet. This week, we’ve got a festive Lego set, an obscenely over-the-top Nerf cannon, and yes, a Joker figure just resplendent with different emotions. Take a look, and prepare to hide your wallet somewhere…

At This Point, It Seems Like Warner Brothers Is Trying to Ruin DC's Cinematic Universe

Though Warner Brothers and DC were slow to begin building their own shared cinematic universe in a fashion similar to Marvel’s, there was no reason to believe that they wouldn’t be able to pull it off successfully in their own time. Looking at the current state of things, though, that’s becoming increasingly difficult…


Report: Martin Scorsese Will Produce a 'Hard-Boiled' Version of the Joker's Origin Story

At last, the Joker is getting his own movie. It’ll star a yet-to-be-cast actor, good news for anyone who was turned off by Jared Leto’s interpretation of the character in Suicide Squad. And it’ll be an origin story that pays stylistic homage to 1980s Martin Scorsese films—with the legendary director himself…

One of DC's New Evil Batmen is Actually The Joker and His Robins Are The Stuff of Nightmares

I’m still not entirely sure how DC’s new Dark Nights: Metal is going to incorporate that terrifying squad of evil, alternate universe Batpeople, but that doesn’t matter right now. Folks, we need to have a talk about the Batman Who Laughs and his creepy-ass Robins and how I’m never sleeping again.