Watch The Exorcist IRL in the Debut Trailer for The Devil and Father Amorth

One of the most terrifying horror films of the 20th century wasn’t about killer ghosts or murderous psychopaths: It was about demonic possession. Now, almost 50 years after The Exorcist terrified audiences across the world, the real deal has invited us to see a bonafide exorcism. The first trailer has been released…

The Religion of Black Panther's Jabari Tribe Raises Questions About Cultural Appropriation

The moment you first lay eyes on Black Panther’s Wakanda, you can immediately see the care and attention to detail that went into realizing the fictional nation’s diverse array of cultures. They blend elements of the fantastical with actual African iconography, languages, and tradition. But certain religious aspects…

10 Fictional Religions From Movies and TV That Don't Involve Jedi or the Force

Many scifi and fantasy books explore religious themes: Octavia E. Butler’s Earthseed, Philip K. Dick’s Mercerism, etc. Onscreen, there’s no bigger spirituality movement than Star Wars’ Force. But there’s more to religion in genre movies and TV than the Jedi... so much more. Have you heard the good news?

American Gods' Jesus Shows What Happens When a God Becomes Too Popular

When you first get into American Gods and begin to wrap your head around its central premise—that gods are real people who feed on human belief—there’s one god in particular who’s conspicuously missing from Neil Gaiman’s original book and most of the first season of Starz’s television adaptation: Jesus Christ.

The Flintstones Comic Is a Darkly Funny Story About the Perils of Late Stage Capitalism

When William Hanna and Joseph Barbera’s original Flintstones cartoon first aired back in 1960, it was a clever, campy celebration of suburban sprawl and a very particular kind of middle class American Dream™. In Mark Russell and Steve Pugh’s recently-ended Flintstones comic series, that same dream is explored in a…