Peter Jackson's Gross-Out Puppet Film, Meet the Feebles, Is More Disturbing Now Than Ever Before

Way back in 1989, Peter Jackson released his second film, Meet the Feebles, a hardcore, gross-out puppet comedy which we decided to revisit this week because of a similar film being released in theaters, The Happytime Murders. And while that film is bad in all the wrong ways, Meet the Feebles is bad in all the right…

The Frighteners, Peter Jackson's Precursor to Lord of the Rings, Still Scares and Surprises

With its bright white spine, The Frighteners called to me from my shelf of old DVDs. “Rewatch me,” it seemed to say. “People forget that I’m the movie that made The Lord of the Rings possible. I’m so much more than a VFX ghost story. Trust me. Bring me back to life.” So I did, and the alluring DVD did not tell a lie.

The Confederate States of America Is an Alt-History Political Satire That’s Impossible to Laugh at Now

In CSA: The Confederate States of America, the American empire that emerges after the South wins the Civil War builds the Cotton Curtain, a wall meant to keep a bordering nation out of the CSA’s affairs. The twist here is that the wall is on the Canadian border, because the neighboring country wants the CSA to end…