Recreate an Iconic Teen Titans Comic Book Cover on Your Desk, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

After a brief holiday hiatus, Toy Aisle makes its triumphant return with an exclusive first look at a new collectible from DC Comics that fans of The New Teen Titans will want to start saving for. We’ve also got the easiest way to build your own ship-in-a-bottle courtesy of Lego, and something for Star Trek: Discovery…

Geoff Johns Already Teased a Cool Connection Between the Titans TV Show and Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol is one of DC’s oldest and weirdest superhero teams, leading an obscure life throughout decades of comics before returning to prominence with the recent ongoing series at DC’s Young Animal. But most people may forget that shapeshifting Teen Titan Beast Boy got his start with them, and that history may…


DC's Live-Action Teen Titans Show Has Cast Its Dick Grayson, But as Which Hero?

Another day and another major announcement about the cast of DC and Warner Bros.’ Titans, the live-action adaptation of the Teen Titans that will premiere next year. Today, we learned who’ll play this iteration of the Titans’ leader, Dick Grayson—but we don’t know which hero he’ll be suiting up as.

The Bumblebee Spinoff Could Bring Back Some Classic Transformers Designs

It seems like Aquaman will delve into Arthur Curry’s past. A surprising Handmaid’s Tale return is confirmed. There’s more to deaths in the aftermath of Arrow’s explosive season finale. Plus, new pictures from The Lego Ninjago Movie, and Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie on Doctor Who’s season finale. Spoilers now!